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What is it about?

In a world where Big Data plays an increasingly important role in our lives, organisations need to look further ahead and rethink the way they do business to remain competitive. The MasterClass Marketing and Business Intelligence provides insights in the phenomenon of Big Data, assesses the impact of Big Data on organisations and the opportunities it provides, and by doing so helps companies to grow.


For who?

For analysts, (marketing) managers and CEO’s with an analytical mind-set. For everybody that wants to discover the power of fact-based decision-making in organisations. For everybody that wants develop a solid knowledge base on Marketing and Business Intelligence, by listening to inspiring speakers, co-creating with peers and working on interesting cases (including a fact-based assessment of their own organisation).

Why this event?

Marketing and Business Intelligence are expanding ground extremely rapidly. Due to technological advances, the possibilities are greater than ever. Increased computing power, Internet of Things and Big(ger) Data result in an abundance of data. The difficulty lies not just in collecting as much data as possible, but in converting this data into value adding insights for the organisation. The goal of this event is to make Marketing & Business Intelligence understandable and to provide guidelines on how organisations can use it to grow. The objective is therefore not just to inspire, rather to support and prepare companies for the future.

Event’s Objectives

Gain insights in the impact of Marketing and Business Intelligence on society and organisations

Define the necessary steps to successfully translate data into valuable insights

Co-create and network with peers, including an assessment of the participants’ organisations

Reasons to join

Inspiring speakers that share insights on trends & technologies, and express their vision on the future of Mobility and Housing

Pragmatic co-creation set-up that helps to translate trends to the consequences for daily life and, subsequently, business models

A network of peers keen on innovating business models and positively impacting the Ghanaian economy

Combined ticket

The day before the Marketing & Business Intelligence Masterclass we organise another interesting event that handles the impact future trends will have on your business, called the Future Customer Interaction (FCI). Therefore, we would like to offer a combined ticket for both events, that will safe you up to almost 40% of the ticket prices. 



And guess what, we even give you the option to use the combined ticket by a different person on one day. (Example: Hobson will visit the FCI event, but his colleague Gordon will visit the MI/BI Masterclass)


Want to learn more about the Future Customer Interaction event? CLICK HERE 

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